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Rooms at Nana Hostels

All rooms are self contained, have curtains, beds, and wardrobes. They are also connected with Dstv and telephone intercom services not forgetting the hotspot service to emphasize the modern standards of living. Note also that all rooms have spacious balconies and natural air conditioning. On top of the telephone intercoms, calling in house is free of charge and very cheap to call outside if you load mango airtime. However, you can also receive calls from anywhere in the world with your room telephone set. .
Single Rooms

These are of two kinds, the small singles which are just enough for one person, we also cater for people whose wish is to stay for less than a month at a pocket friendly price
Big Single Rooms

These are quite big and a recommended for those people with lots of things.

Double Rooms  
Triple Rooms

These consist of two rooms in them, the double section and the single section.
Quadruple Rooms

These are quite spacious and they can accommodate up to 4people.

These are classified into two suite A and Suit B suite

Please note we donít have any deckers. All our beds are single
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