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Services at NANA Hostels

Apart from accommodation, Nana hostels offers a one stop shopping arcade that comprises of  different shops ranging from the Restaurant, Video Library, Secretarial bureau, Unisex salons, Gifts shop, Supermarket, Boutique, Bar, Pool joint, Telephone booths, J&S Quality cleaners and Laundry, Gym, Pharmacy, Confectionary shop, Internet cafe, Offices, and other networking shops. They all offer variety services at very affordable prices with conscience for all the customer needs and requirements.

All the shop attendants have knowledge of the products and services they extend to our clients and our greatest objective in the shopping arcade is to ensure that there’s customer satisfaction and value for one’s money.  The shopping arcade is open from 7am to midnight. Modern technology that includes telecom and hotspot services is also offered at Nana Hostels..

Self contained suites with DSTV

All our rooms are self contained, they all have balcons on them with DSTV
Services at NANA
Hostel Buses and Vans

Nana hostels offers transport services to all our clients to and from the universities and arrival and departure times are set considering the clients’ study shifts
Services at NANA

Nana Hostels has a spacious and modern restaurant that serves both local and international cousins. We serve meals ranging from breakfast, Lunch, Supper and in between meals. We also offer room services at no cost when the clients call to our intercom extension number that is pinned in the room
Services at NANA

It offers different products ranging from domestic to commercial products. We offer both retail and wholesale prices to our clients
Services at NANA
Internet Cafe

It is spacious with flat tanel Pentium 4computers that have 2 GHz and above ram more than 256mb and other modern and unique facilities you need to have a great surfing experience. We allow you to use your laptops.
Services at NANA
Boutique and Beauty Saloon

At Nana hostels we ensure that all our clients look good by selling to them cheap and affordable first class clothes, shoes, bags, belts, and many more.

We also do all kinds of hair styles for men and women, Massage, pedicure and manicure, facials and we even offer beauty tips in our salons.
Services at NANA

OTHER UNIQUE SERVICES AT NANA HOSTELS.                                                                 

  • State-of-the-art of Nana Hostels building. Our customers enjoy the beautiful Internal and external facilities.
  • Up-scale ambiance. When you walk into Nana Hostels, you'll see the clean and fresh environment.
  • A clear Vision of the market needs.
  • Self contained rooms.
  • Availability of Cable Tv in all the rooms of not less than 5Channels allowed.
  • Telephone intercoms.
  • The one stop shopping arcade.
  • Central cooking areas fully equipped with gas cooking gadgets and gas.
  • Tight security with strong and uniformed guards.
  • A waiting lounge.
  • A bus and small vans to ease transport to and from the hostel.
  • A Well equipped reading room which is also suitable for meetings and small friendly gatherings. It has armed chairs.
  • Hotspot and internet facilities.
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